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About C2 Custom Grinds.

Created as a passion project that started as an idea one morning on an airplane, Turned reality through months of research, plenty of perseverance, and some tears. C2 was formualted to create an experience not only of taste but of an escape of the day .


- Non Gmo

- Small Batch Roasted

- Roasted to Order

- 100% Us based and Staffed

- Small Operation

-Privately Owned

Meet our team

Chad- The Founder and creator of our brand as well as our Roast Master, He came to form C2 from an Idea, Through the Dedication, Drive and Ambtion he was able to grow C2 into what it is today as well as launch our custom Octane Blend only found on the newly launched C2 Custom Grinds Coffee Trailer.

Gerana- As the Friend, and Voice of Reason within our family, G comes to us from a background in Medicine helping those in need, and making a difference in the lives of many, She brings a heartfelt knowledge of people, perspective, and dedication to the team that is un-paralleled, and shows in every task she takes on down to finding and booking our various events.

Anthony- With expereince in mechanics, and operational knowledge, He comes to the team to make sure that everything stays together, and on time in maintaining our equipment, and systems, as well as inventory, day to day. His sense of humor and constant smile brings a perk to the day even before the first cup of coffee.

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